Posted by: Kerin Jellias | 31.12.15

farewell 2015

Last day in 2015, we harvested our peanut trees in the garden. Not good as professional farmers, but at least we’re tried our best and for sure we gonna have something for cheering New Year’s Eve. People are so cruel to themselves and others, just because they are too deep in their thought about how much is enough to figure out that: as long as you have something… that’s enough!

It is not easy for us to forget someone who used to be so meaningful to our life, somehow… most of us have that someone. It was not easy for me to light a little love and wait for hope or hurt later again and again, but at least I’ve tried. It takes times, of course. And for people who still keep finding for their true fate, I wish you luck! I found him, hope that will be permanent him this year. That’s enough!

I’ve been learning from my own life, among the badness and goodness, across the success and failure, along hope and belief, against despair and deceit… at least I’ve tried to realize that life is actually a shortened version of Living Isn’t Fucking Easy. That’s enough!

This world is moving and our Earth will keep turning around as its own way, so does anyone. I’m still here today doesn’t mean I’ll be there tomorrow. Will you be there in the infinity? Come on, be who you are and save your limited time for goodness and love instead of hate, stand up to do something instead of giving reason. At least I’ve tried and that’s enough.

Thanks to those who involved in my life and to those who will come. Let’s cheer this living as the best as we could and farewell to 2015 :)


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