Posted by: Kerin Jellias | 20.06.15


Who we are to judge others?

That’s normal in this country that anyone is easier falling to judge others instead of giving feedback for a constructive confrontation. So, keep calm and forgive, my friends :)

People around the world are celebrating since Supreme Court Ruling made Same-Sex Marriage a Right Nationwide in the States. How lovely to see many social networks and communication channels support to share the pride. Please hold on the verification that it’s a good or bad movement. It simply means LOVE WINS, doesn’t it?

So, what’s wrong when people, even don’t know each other, even living in two halfway around the world countries, even nothing relates to their families, to share some cheers and hope for a better humanistic future?

Do not judge us. We say “congrats”, we share the news, we change our avatar, we motivate ourselves, all of these things are so simple. It’s the same when we say “so sorry” and feel the lost to anyone when a member in their family pass away, the same when we all together donated for Japan when they faced natural disasters… because we’re human.

Have a good day, LGBT community :) May God bless USA and this clumsy world!

P/s: my few words to Đức Tuấn :))))

#LOVEWINS #YÊUlàYÊU #BêĐêMuônNăm #deptraithimoiconhieuduayeu

Em xin cảm ơn Đảng và Nhà Nước đã hợp thức hoá Hôn Nhân Đồng Giới ở Việt Nam!

Ủa… hổng phải hả??? (_._”) Sao mấy đứa bạn em nói… Tụi nó đang rủ nhau ra Phường đăng ký kết cmn hôn rần rần kìa…


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