Posted by: Kerin Jellias | 10.05.15

Mother’s day

I was once being asked to think about a person who always listens to me, understands me every time and every where in a class few years ago. It took me just one second to think about my Mom – the only person on earth that always listens to me, takes care of me, loves me without any condition. So does your mom!

Do not love your mom on the Mother’s Day only, love her everyday of the year. Starting from whenever you realize that time flies and people are getting old, until the last day of your life: do love your mom, not just saying!

For any who has a heart, love your father too. For any who has children, love them as much as you could, so they will have a chance to love you back as what you are doing now with your parents. For those who has sibling, love your brothers and your sisters. Everyday is a day to love your family!

There is no need for me to say anything to my mom on facebook. She can’t read and understand English anyway. Your mom may or even may not have a facebook account, call and tell her – do not just post on facebook :)

This beauty is my big sister, sometimes she’s my mom, but most of the time is my best friend. Together since the day I was born, we did sleep under the rain on the pavement, have dinner on a plane, drink morning coffee on moutain, enjoy sun bath on the beach, swim at a wild stream in the jungle… #iloveyouMOM


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